Management and Representation: Diamant and Robert "MusicMan" Williams provides exceptional talent representation,
management and consulting services to a select group of professionals. Our experience includes representing and negotiating on
behalf of filmmakers, film and TV actors and producers, digital content providers, models, recording artists, music producers,
musicians, songwriters, record labels and entertainment/media companies. We develop global personalities exploitable across every
available media platform: through recordings, videos, films, television, magazines, books and advertising, product endorsement and
sponsorship over a range of consumer merchandise.

Licensing and Clearance: Diamant Music Licensing offers outsourced music publishing licensing and royalty solutions to both
record labels and online music retailers who distribute and sell content. These services provide a complete end-to-end solution for
research and licensing of publishing, clearances, license administration, royalty calculation and accounting to publishers. Our
solutions relieve the burden of music licensing and royalty administration.

Artist Development: We provide custom artist development programs and services for independent record labels, managers,
singers and bands. We develop plans to help artists advance their musical career and improve their professional image and
presentation. Our services can also fully integrate into the operations of independent labels to allow for continuity of the services
they provide to their artists.
Headquarters: Columbus, OH
Additional Operations: Atlanta, GA Los Angeles, CA
Diamant Studios is a television production and syndication company specializing in the development, production and distribution of
original television programming. Diamant Studios continues its quest to become a leading provider of original television
programming with commercial appeal.
SoundForce Records is an artist-driven independent music label with global reach and is currently rebuilding its roster. The label
is growing to become one of the world's most influential music companies. The company also operates SoundForce Gospel
Records, the gospel music division of SoundForce Records.
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Nationwide Live Events promotes and markets concerts, live events, sports events and conferences and showcases the most
popular and entertaining performers of our  times creating memorable experiences for fans worldwide.
Company Profile
We are more than a collection of great brands that are owned under one roof. Diamant's businesses all compliment and benefit
each other which keeps us on track to continue to earn an unrivaled reputation for creativity and excellence in keeping people
entertained and providing opportunities.

Created in Columbus, Ohio in 2007 by Founder, Robert "MusicMan" Williams, Diamant Entertainment Group, LLC (pronounced
"Dee'-ah-mont") is an entertainment holding company. Through its brands, Diamant is engaged in the development, acquisition,
production, and distribution of entertainment-related content for film, television, music, live events and publishing interests
worldwide. Diamant and Robert Williams also provide management services to a select group of film and television actors,
filmmakers, television personalities, models and musicians.